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International B-24 Memorial Museum

The International B-24 Memorial Museum, a small museum within our larger museum, is dedicated to the famous World War II bomber and the people who built, flew, and maintained it. Although the museum lacks an actual B-24, this collection of B-24 technical and design data, military uniforms, photographs, flight log books, and other memorabilia is a resource for exploring this important bomber and its role in history.

Final training of B-24 crews from 1942 until 1945 occurred here at the Pueblo Army Air Base. Therefore, it is an honor that the U.S. Congress proclaimed Pueblo the site of the International B-24 Memorial Museum. The thousands that trained here were assigned to all theaters of operation where many gave their lives. Others were lost during their training here before they could inflict horrendous damage on the enemy. The museum is dedicated to their memory, too.

The B-24 exhibit, which is currently being redeveloped, provides an overview of the bomber, its mission, and the crews that flew it. Additional materials in the collection can be made available on request.